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Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign

Using GPS /Alert technology to Save Lives 

Victims of Domestic Violence that have taken out
Protection Orders on their former intimate partner
Have No guarantee that the order will be followed

leaving them to live in a constant state of fear

that they may be attacked again or even worse.

New GPS/Alert Technology has changed
the Domestic Violence Dynamic

Advances in GPS Technology now incorporate an alert device for the victim which is electronically linked to the offenders GPS Monitor and will give the victim an audible alert in “Real Time” if the offender has crossed the victims “Geo-Fence”.

In a handful of states in America, new laws state that when the lethality of the
relationship has Increased to the point where the victim's very life hangs in the balance the courts can step in and fit the offender with a GPS monitor.


However, there is no data to support the effectiveness and implementation of the alert device. What is needed is a "Pilot Program" in order to gather data.


“Let it be known this day the Domestic Violence Game Has Changed
…and the victims no longer need to live in a constant State of Fear”.



As an advocate, long-time supporter and the founder of P.A.M., I ask that a pilot program be started in every state.

We must start the conversation in our local communities...

then ... Spread the word Across America

Write your Congressman & Local Sheriffs

Contact Us for More Information:


Hugo G. Goerner
Santa Paula, CA


Thank you for your interest! We will respond as soon as we can.

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